Our Accu-Pour pitchers are designed to provide precise pouring and accurate measurements. Their versatility makes them an ideal solution for nearly every application no matter the industry.

Durable Construction

Made from a food grade polypropylene that has high resistance to a wide variety of chemicals.

Accurate Measurements 

Raised graduations in both US fluid ounces and metric help ensure accurate measuring.

Excellent Comfort 

Unique handle offers excellent user comfort, even with a gloved hand.

If you demand accuracy, dependability, and durability, you need this pitcher.

Accu-Pour Pitcher


There are many pitchers on the market, but we’re confident none are as effective or accurate as ours. Here’s why:

  1. Raised graduations in both US fluid ounces and metric ensure very accurate measurements
  2. Debossed black markings for easy reading
  3. Unique handle provides extraordinary user comfort and stability, even with a gloved hand
  4. Open-bottom handle allows pitchers to be easily stacked and stored in much less space
  5. Versatile spout provides excellent pouring control from a fine trickle to a fast pour
  6. Custom imprinting on pitchers, cups and more for your specific branding needs.
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Precision Pouring with Accurate Results

For more than a decade, we have provided solutions for a variety of industries that need assurance in accurate measuring with our Accu-Pour products. You can count on Accu-Pour to make sure that you get an accurate scoop and pour every time with our debossed measurements and no drip spouts, ensuring the perfect amount is ready with each use. Gone are the days of the measuring inaccurately.