Promote Your Company In a Responsible Way

Custom Molding

Custom Molding

We provide our customers with custom molding of products specific to your needs.

Personalized Measurements

Personalized Measurements

Have your own measuring system? We can customize any product with your measurements.

Brand Customization

Brand Customization

We have the ability to imprint numbers, logos, web addresses, and dry scales on any product.



Do you require EPA-compliant products? Do you demand accuracy and safety in every measurement? If so, Axiom Products is here for you

Custom Products for Your Brand Built to Precise Specifications

Company and product awareness are an essential part of every successful business. Our ability to imprint numbers, logos, web addresses, and even dry scales on any measuring product makes an easy route for effective marketing and special practices. We have provided custom imprinting on pitchers, cups and much more, for many clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

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Cups and Scoops

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Multiple flags in different colors


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Product photo of the tip n pour container


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Jet Rinse


Safety Compliance Kits

Axiom Products can customize a safety compliance kit with our stock products to increase your brand awareness. With Axiom’s custom safety compliance kits, you can bundle several of our existing products with your branding to help show off your company.